We have been fortunate to partner with competitive businesses that share our belief in a better future for software.

Here are some of their stories.


Sapa logo We are able to get more from our resources than we thought was possible. And we are just getting started. Frank Iepema
Managing Director Sapa Hungary

OEE data didn't exist and it seemed impossible to collect all the data necessary to measure it properly. M-industries turned this around to improve SAPA's delivery performance by 13% and OEE by 20% in the first year.

New opportunities for improvement arise from the cooperation with M-industries continuously.

Sapa is the world leader in aluminium solutions, active in over 40 countries.


Tata logo Our project with M-industries received the ‘Recognition of Excellence’ award from our CEO. Matthé de Vent
Director Supply Chain Planning Tata Steel Mainland Europe

For Tata, M-industries improved the supply chain tools that used to exist only in Excel. Tata specialists were under great pressure to deliver reports once a week. M-industries enabled them to continuously improve the business with their analysis, delivering reports automatically every day.

Tata was able to reduce their stock levels by 50% while at the same time significantly improving their delivery performance.

Tata is one of the largest producers of steel and the world's 65th most valuable brand.

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